Asplenium scolopendrium L. var. americanum (Fern.) - American Hart's Tonguefern


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Asplenium scolopendrium - (image 1 of 9)



Family: Aspleniaceae


Listed as Phyllitis scolopendrium (L.) Newman in Gleason & Cronquist (1991).


Shaded, damp, rocky, calcareous slopes




Found only in New Brunswick, two counties in Ontario, two counties in NY, and two counties in TN.


Evergreen. Leaves bright green, leathery, glossy, to 30 cm long and 5 cm wide, edge wavy, cordate base. Fruitdots elongate, in pairs on either side of a vein; indusia opening toward each other.


This species also occurs in Europe where it is surprisingly common. The variety americana of North America is tetraploid, whereas the European plants (var. scolopendrium) are all diploid.


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