Botrychium minganense Victorin -  Mingan Moonwort


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Family: Ophioglossaceae


Habitat information is lacking but in NY it has been found under northern white cedar in thin soil over limestone.




Across middle and southern Canada to AK, south into ME, VT, northern and central NY, northern MI, northern WI, northern MN, ND, and south in mountains to CA, NV, and NM.


Trophophore dull green, somewhat fleshy; pinnae up to 10 distant pairs, usually narrowly fan-shaped; sporophore 1-pinnate or 2-pinnate in very large robust plants, 1.5-2.5 length of trophophore.


Spores produced early June to August

Wetland category: NA

This species is tetraploid and resembles the hexaploid B. campestre. Like many other similar species it has in the past been treated as a variety of B. lunaria.


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