Deparia acrostichoides (Sw.) M. Kato - Silvery Glade Fern


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Deparia acrostichoides - (image 1 of 5)



Family: Dryopteridaceae


Synonymous with Athyrium thelypterioides (Michx.) Desv.


Rich, moist woods.




Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to Ontario and MN, south to GA, LA, and OK.


Perennial, deciduous, from a short-creeping rhizome. Leaves to 1.1 m, the blade longer than the petiole, 13-22 cm wide, sharply acuminate, slightly reduced below, pinnate-pinnatifid, rachis septate-hairy and sparsely scaly; pinnae 15-20, to 13 mm long and 6 mm wide; veins simple or forked, directed into the teeth; indusia 3-7 pairs, light brown (silvery when young), firm, spindle-shaped.


Spores mature late summer into autumn

Wetland Indicator: Facultative

Prefers undisturbed, mesic woods.


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