Dryopteris intermedia (Muhl.) A. Gray - Intermediate Woodfern


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Family: Dryopteridaceae


Cobb treats this species as a variety of Spinulose Woodfern, calling it Dryopteris spinulosa (O.F. Mull.) Watt var. intermedia (Muhl.) Underw.


Rich woods and swamps.




Newfoundland south to GA, west to MN and AR.


Evergreen from short, creeping, more or less ascending or erect rhizomes. Leaves evergreen; petiole and rachis capitate-glandular; petiole 10-30 cm with broad, pale brown scales; blade 10-20 cm wide and 20-50 cm long, broadest just above the base, abruptly tapered to an acuminate tip; bipinnate-pinnatifid to tripinnate-pinnatifid; lowest inferior pinnules of lowest pinnae shorter than the adjacent pinnule (or nearly as long); ultimate segments spinulose-toothed (spine-tipped); outer surface of indusia, and often the lamina and veins, capitate-glandular; sori not marginal, midway between the midvein and the margins of the ultimate segments.


Spores produced May to December

Wetland indicator: Facultative

Also called Evergreen Woodfern.


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