Dryopteris marginalis (L.) A. Gray - Marginal Woodfern


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Dryopteris marginalis - (image 1 of 6)



Family: Dryopteridaceae



Woods and rocky slopes.




Newfoundland south to SC and GA, west to southern Ontario, MN, KS, and OK.


Evergreen from a thick, stout, ascending to erect rhizome. Leaves firm, dark green; petiole 10-20 cm, with a tuft of slender, concolorous, pale red-brown scales at the base, and smaller, scattered scale above; blade lance-oblong, to 25 cm wide and 45 cm long, broadest just above the base, mostly glabrous with a few hair-like scales, pinnate-pinnatifid to bipinnate; pinnae 15-20 pairs, the larger with mostly 10-15 pairs of segments, the larger segments 1-2 cm, with 6-9 pairs of veins; sori submarginal, near the sinuses between the teeth.


Spores produced in June

Wetland indicator: Facultative Upland

Also called Leatherleaf Woodfern.


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