Lygodium palmatum (Bernh.) Sw. - American Climbing Fern


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Lygodium palmatum - (image 1 of 5)



Family: Lygodiaceae




Moist open woods and thickets, in poorly drained acidic soil.




Southern NH and eastern and central NY, to OH and southwest MI, south to FL and MS.


Perennial from a black, wiry, creeping, dichotomously branched rhizome. Leaves to 3 m, the rachis stem-like, flexuous; leaflets on stalks 1-2 cm, deeply cordate and palmately 3-7-lobed; lobes triangular-elongate to oblong, acute to blunt or rounded at the apex; fertile pinnae several times dichotomously branched; sporangia 6-10 per segment.


Sori produced June to August

Wetland indicator: FACW

Another common name is Hartford Fern.


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