Osmunda cinnamomea L. - Cinnamon Fern


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Family: Osmundaceae


Peaty habitats. Springy sites. Swampy woodlands and bogs.




Throughout eastern U.S. and Canada.


Perennial. Leaves clustered, to 1.5 m, the petiole densely wooly when young; blade pinnate-pinnatifid, dimorphic; sterile frond and individual pinnae long-attenuate; segments alternate, 15-20 to a side; fertile frond central, surrounded by the larger sterile fronds, covered with cinnamon-brown sporangia.


Spores early May to early June.

Wetland indicator: Facultative Wetland

The common name presumably refers to the color of the fertile frond or the persistent hairs at the base of each pinna. The veins of the pinnules are branched.


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