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Pellaea atropurpurea - (image 1 of 4)



Family: Adiantaceae (Pteridaceae?)


Calcareous rocks and open woods. 




Southern Quebec, VT, and RI, west to MN and WY, south to FL, AZ, and Mexico; disjunct in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.


Xeromorphic perennial from short, branched rhizomes forming a multi-stemmed caudex (short-thickened stem) covered by slender, pointed, brownish scales. Leaves 20-40 cm, evergreen, erect, stiff, slightly dimorphic; rachis purplish-brown, hairy; leaflets blue-green, simple to triangular or lobed at the base, margin revolute. Spores produced along margin on the underside of fertile segments.


Spores produced mid-summer

Wetland indicator: Upland

Becomes rather contorted during periods of drought, with the margins of the leaf segments folding downward to obscure the lower surface.



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