Thelypteris noveboracensis (L.) Nieuwl. - New York Fern


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Family: Thelypteridaceae


Swink & Wilhelm use the name Dryopteris noveboracensis (L.) A. Gray. Has also been included in the genus Aspidium by some authors.


Mixed woods and wet-mesic swamps.




Newfound west to Ontario and southeast WI, south to GA, AL, and AR.


Deciduous fern from a slender, mostly glabrous rhizome. Leaves to 90 cm long and 15 cm wide. Leaf blades lance-elliptic, acuminate, pinnate-pinnatifid, gradually tapering to the base; pinnae many pairs, sessile, lance-linear, to 15 mm wide, the lowest pinnae strongly reduced and less than 1.3 cm long; rachis, costa, and veiens hairy, without scales; veins simple or some forked; indusium pale, long-ciliate, attached at one side of the sorus.


Spores July to October

Wetland indicator: Facultative +

Considered to be an undesirable forest species by some land managers in the northeast. Seems to increase in abundance where deer populations are high.


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