Viola pedata L. - Bird's Foot Violet


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Viola pedata - (image 1 of 7)



Family: Violaceae


Dunes, sandy oak savanna, black-soil prairies, and hill prairies. Dry fields and open woods.




ME west to MN, south to northern FL and eastern TX.


Herbaceous perennial from an erect rootstock, glabrous or nearly so. Leaves all basal, 3-parted, the lateral segment 3-5 cleft into linear or lanceolate divisions. Flowers 2-4 cm wide; petals beardless, lilac-purple, the upper 2 sometimes darker purple; stamens orange, exserted; does not produce cleistogamous flowers; style clavate, beakless, obliquely concave at the top. Seeds copper-brown.


Flowers late April to early August

Wetland indicator: Upland

Imagesd 1-5 are of var. lineariloba DC. taken in a sand prairie in southeastern WI. The last two images are of typical V. pedata taken in southern NJ.


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