Woodwardia virginica (L.) Sm. - Virginia Chain-fern


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Family: Blechnaceae


Swamps, bogs and other moist habitats with acid soil.




Nova Scotia west to Ontario, MI, and IL, south FL to TX. Only a single population exists (existed?) in northern IL near the WI border.


Deciduous fern to 1.4 m from a long, creeping rhizome 6-10 mm thick. Leaves monomorphic, scattered, erect; petiole purplish-brown, shining; blade lance-oblong, to 25 cm x 50 cm, acuminate, pinnate-pinnatifid; pinnae 15-20 pairs, each pinnatifid with a rachis 1-1.5 mm wide, the segments 15-20 pairs, ovate to broadly oblong, with cartilaginous margins; veins forming a single series of areoles along the costa and costules, otherwise free. Sori superficial, oblong to linear, spanning 2 or more areoles, arranged in a chain-like row on each side of the costa; indusia thin, soon recurved, those along the costules only 1-1.5 mm, those along the costae larger.


Spores June to July

Wetland indicator: Obligate

The fronds resemble those of Cinnamon Fern but have a shiny, purplish stipe (central stem)


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